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Breast Pumping Bundle

Breast Pumping Bundle

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Postpartum presents uncharted waters for many mothers (especially first-time). Learning how to breastfeed can be one of the biggest things to overcome in those first few precious weeks. This Breast Pumping Bundle helps support you with our two favourite essentials for collecting breast milk.

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Breast Milk Collection Shells:
Make the most of your breast milk with Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells! Our shells are crafted with soft and flexible silicone bases for a comfortable fit that sits snugly against your skin. These shells are designed to collect any breast milk that would otherwise be wasted during let-down or leakage.

You can use these shells while breastfeeding or pumping on the opposite breast or simply wear them discreetly inside your maternity bra in-between feeds. They're also a fantastic solution for sore or cracked nipples as they allow your nipples to breathe between feeds.

Our Breast Milk Collection Shells are equipped with an in-built spout that allows you to easily remove collected milk. Simply empty the shells after each feed and put them back on your breast.

Please note that our Breast Milk Collection Shells are not recommended for use while sleeping, as they may leak.

These Shells Are Perfect For:

  • Protecting sore or cracked nipples from chafing
  • Collecting precious breast milk during feeding on the opposite breast instead of using a breast pad
  • Wearing discreetly inside your maternity bra
  • Pouring collected milk into a storage container or baby bottle through the in-built spout
  • Protecting clothing from moisture or stains

Each shell can hold up to 30ml of breast milk, and the package contains two breast milk collection shells that are reusable, dishwasher-safe, and steam steriliser-safe. The shells are made from food-grade silicone/PP, Are BPA-Free, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Don't let your precious breast milk go to waste – try Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells today!


Silicone Breast Pump:

This revolutionary breast pump is the solution to the common problems associated with traditional pumps. Our one-piece silicone design is lightweight, compact and easy to clean, making it the perfect pump for busy mums on-the-go.

Say goodbye to loud, heavy and complicated breast pumps. Our silicone pump allows for discreet pumping by simply attaching it to your breast and letting the suction do the work for you. The quiet and lightweight design even allows for simultaneous use while your baby feeds from the other breast. And with a not too heavy size of 100mls, it's just the right size!

Safety is our top priority, which is why our pump is made from 100% food grade silicone - safe for both you and your baby. Our unique design also includes an easy pour funnel through the flange for easy transfer to storage cups or bags - no large edge lip like other popular brands.

To make your life even easier, we've included an easy suction base to avoid spillage, and a lid for dust and lint protection when it's not in use or in your handbag. 

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