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  • Tips for CHD Mumma's travelling for surgery!

    Hi there fellow heart Mumma! How you feeling today? Hope you've taken some time for yourself, in this crazy time we live in!
    In this blog I have compiled all my tips, suggestions and knowledge from Alfie's two open heart surgeries.
  • Just found out your pregnant? What do I do next + what to expect at your first appointment!

    Congratulations! You're pregnant!!
    Whether this is a planned or unplanned pregnancy there is so much to think about! Two lines are on the stick.... where do I go from here?
  • My combined business and motherhood journey!

    "Not knowing what was wrong with my baby was the most challenging time of my life" Podcast interview with Tracy Harris.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT things you'll need for the first 6 MONTHS with a newborn.

    It can be so OVERWHELMING, especially as a first time Mumma knowing what you do and don't need for your bubba when they arrive. To be perfectly honest, there is so much (ahem) rubbish out there and so much stuff shoved in your face it's hard to discern the difference between necessary and not necessary baby items. 
  • Feeling overwhelmed and at a loss of what to pack for a hospital overnight stay?

    If you have a PLANNED overnight stay, or even if your RUSHING to pack, if you have this packing list at your side you will be good to go, and not even have to think about worrying about the packing side of things….. because I know… right now…. The most important thing on your mind is your child’s health! 

    ok… so here we go