Designing a Functional Nursery Space

Designing a Functional Nursery Space

Hey Mama's welcome back, its been a little while between posts, but I'm back and ready to share with you all! 


I've been having lots of chats recently about what a good nursery set up looks like, and what helps it function at its best. So it seemed only relevant to share these thoughts here with you all!

Disclaimer** More often than not, when you bring bubs home, most parents have them in a bassinet in their room for the first 3 ish months, sometimes 6 or even a year, (each to their own :)). So this set up, whilst good for newborns is ideal for when they move into their own room. 




  • Adjustable Cot - If you want to invest in a cot that they won't outgrow in a hurry, make sure you get one that is adjustable (can be moved down when they can sit/stand) and that can be turned into a toddler bed when ready. 
  • Changing station - It doesn't have to be complicated & better yet it can be multifunctional. For Alfie we upcycled an old Ikea chest of drawers. We use the drawers as his wardrobe and storage for nappies/wipes etc and the top for some nursery décor and a changing station! I'm all for less is more! 
  • Chair - whether you choose an expensive super comfy rocking chair, or something you already have at home, I would 100% recommend having somewhere to sit, not just for feeds or settling, but as bubs gets older you can sit in there whilst they have floor time/play. I still use the rocking chair in Alfie's room and he is 20months old. 
  • Lamp - Nice low lighting for settling or getting ready for bed rather than bright lights. 


To be honest, these are the only NECESSITIES you need furniture wise.... however if you wish to ad other pieces of furniture like a mirror, large toy, play couch etc.... be my guest (they just won't be used for a while though). 




*I have a full list of baby essentials on a previous blog post here

  • Nursery Oganiser - You all knew this would be at the top of my list! A sweet little pocket you can tie to the cot and store all the essentials for night time in - extra dummies, spare comforter (drink bottle for when they are older).
  • Play mat - I found one that could be portable so that I could take it to each room/out places was super handy! Perfect for floor time, tummy time and for putting on surfaces you don't want bubs to lie directly on.
  • Block out Blinds - one thing that is a non-negotiable in our house is blinds that block out all the light! Definitely worth investing in if you want your baby to sleep in a dark room.




Probably the most important thing for a functional nursery is layout. It's important to consider how the room will flow in the space that you have. A lot of us live in smaller houses these days, and so it can be hard to either fit the pieces in or choose the layout. 


Things to consider when laying out furniture:

  • Unobstructed doorway
  • Try place furniture against walls around the outside of the room so there is play space in the middle
  • Have things like nappies and the change table easily accessible  
  • Ensure all baby toys/books etc are at a level they can reach to enjoy. 
  • Easy access to the cot 




Once you have these basics set up you will have a functional nursery space!! My favourite thing to do after this is to decorate! You should see my pinterest board :) Is yours the same? Use the code nursery10 for a cheeky discount! First 2 people to find this code win!! So get in quick Mamas. 



If you found any of this useful please share with your friends as the more people we can help the better! Feel free to leave a comment below and share an essential you require in your nursery! 

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